Monday, February 20, 2012

The Book of Jean Bugatti

Unfortunately there have been unofficial attempts to recreate Bugatti's past, this is dangerous and harmful to the legacy that Jean left behind. As well this discredits the Bugatti brand as it exists today and as it heads into the future.

My whole 2010 senior thesis project goal was to shed light upon and dispel the rumor of Jean's death. He did survive and the bugatti brand, family and ethos, continued unbroken from 1909 through to this day and into the future.

It is frustrating to see these fictitious and false "what if" projects, when the truth has already been uncovered and explained in a book that was published in late 2010. For this reason I have decided to recirculate this wonderful book, that will again aim to dispel these false notions of Jean's death and cast light upon the extraordinary machines that he created in complete secrecy.

It has been a great pleasure of mine to be able to participate in creating this book, with the help of historians, Bugatti experts, coach builders, and even some of the engineers who worked for the comapny through these tough and secret years.

 Without their help and knowledge none of this would have been possible. To them a huge thanks.


  1. Sweet. I love the Bugatti heritage! Will this book be available on Amazon?

  2. Only gonna be available on blurb for now. Link is on the right of my blog.

  3. You' ve done really an absolutely amazing work with this project! The way you build all the history of 'la Marque' brand is really outstanding...

    P.S.: Do you know that Jean Bugatti really designed a land speed record car when he was young?
    In this image there is a copy of Jean Bugatti original sketch ;)

    Compliments again for all your works!!

    1. Thanks Marco, yes I did know about this sketch, this forms the basis of the book and is one of the first vehicles that is covered.

  4. yeeeeh buddy!! Great work!! proud of you

  5. Diane, thanks, but i think it is time to move on.

  6. you are an insane batshit crazy dude, took on such a huge project, no idea how you did it. Love it all!! Respect.

  7. Man, great work, i just bought one, and its very inspirative to read about the EB herritage. Well done!

  8. Thanks to everyone who bought one.
    Glad to share my passion for car design, and Bugatti.